I’m in Japan!!!

Suwa-Nagano Sisters Jones and Stone
Sisters Jones and Stone

Oh my goodness!! I’m in Japan everyone!!! Ahhhhh!! It’s crazy and I
love it!! It’s hot and humid and I don’t understand anyone but I love
it!!! My trainer is awesome!! Her name is stone Shimai and she has
bright red hair! I’ll send pics! She’s the best!!! I’m in the Suwa
area and Nagano zone!! The branch has about 30 people and I’m the only
one who knows how to play the piano so on Sunday I was all over the
place haha!!

Branch Picnic Suwa-Nagano

It rained super hard one day! I taught my first lesson on Friday!!!
Wow!!! It was good! She was the cutest!! She’s from China and wanted
to meet with us to learn English. It was a 30/30 (30 min English and
30 mins lesson) but that wasn’t in my zone because we didn’t actually
get to Suwa until Friday night. My trainer is the sister training
leader so she had a meeting on Friday morning. We went on splits. I
was with a shimai that had only been here 6 weeks haha! Neither of us
understand much Japanese but it was still great! And the lesson with
this investigator went good! She said she wants to meet with them
everyday! Haha!

Sisters Jones and Stone Β Alexi in Suwa-Nagano
I ate pig intestines this week…….. Hahaha it was ok but
interesting. One of the ward members took us to a flower place that
has some little shop things. They were selling pig intestine soup
stuff and they wanted me to try it. I think they just wanted to see my
reaction because they knew I didn’t want to try it. Haha. But it was

Cherry Blossoms Panorama

On Saturday they had a branch picnic! It was so fun!! The cherry
blossom trees are gorgeous! Also, The little kids are SOOO CUTE!!!!!
Ahhhhh!!! I love them! I play the piano in primary and they’re the
cutest!! One little boy always comes and talks to me but I have no
idea what he’s saying. Haha!!!!! After the picnic we all walked around
a lake and I got sunburned. I look like a tomato. It’s bad. Haha also
it’s so humid here. I gave up on makeup about day 2. Hahaha!!!!!

Missionaries and Cherry Blossoms Β Flowers

I finally have my own bike and already have a battle wound from it
haha!! Silly me. I also have like 3 bug bites. They itch so bad!!!
Haha and it is so hard to ride a bike in a dress everyone. Haha wow.
But it’s great!

Baptism Suwa-Nagano ChapelBeautiful People and Cherry Blossoms

I saw my first baptism on Sunday!!! It was so awesome!!!! All the ward
members are so supportive and loving. I’m so grateful to be here. It’s
hard and hot but it’s so great! I know it’ll be hard sometimes but I’m
where I’m supposed to be right now πŸ™‚

More Cherry Blossoms Suwa-Nagano

Last P-Day in the MTC!

めγͺさん こにけわ

Alexi with green moustache
Is there something on my face?

Today is my last P-Day in America! Ahhhh!!!! I can’t believe it’s already been two months. It’s crazy! I’m not sure if I’m ready for Japan yet haha… We are all excited but all really nervous too. It will be really weird leaving my district. We’ve become like family because we are always together haha! But the good news is that I will be with half my district because they’re all going to Nagoya! The not so great news is that I will be with none of my shimai tachi! :/ The choro tachi are cool though so it’s ok. haha!

Anyway here are some big highlights from this week….!!!

Last Wednesday night we skyped with a member in Japan! He’s awesome! We taught him a small lesson and at the end we took a selfie with him haha! I’ll send it! πŸ™‚

On Thursday we all got to sign our names and missions on a beam that’s going to be part of the new building! It was really cool! I will send pictures next week hopefully, my teacher hasn’t emailed them to us yet. haha!

On Friday we got to watch the beam ceremony! They said a few things about the new building then we watched them put the beam on it! We got to be out of class and in the sun for like an hour! Whoo hoo! haha

Alexi at the orthodontist Sister Missionaries

Yesterday, Wihongi Shimai and I went on an adventure! Haha I had to go to the orthodontist for a new retainer so we got to leave the MTC for a little while! And they were playing music in the orthodontist office so that was fun for a minute haha! When we got back everyone was saying how jealous they were that we got to go to the orthodontist office then we all started laughing because it’s kinda funny that we get excited about having to leave the MTC for an orthodontist appointment…. haha!

Missionaries St. Patrick's Day Sister Missionaries

We got our new name tags!!! I’ll send a picture! They look すばらしい! (Subarashi, that means amazing or awesome in Japanese!) Also, I’ve been here 9 weeks and I haven’t gotten sick!!! yay!!!! haha!

So next time I send everyone an email…. I’ll be in Japan!! Ahh!! Wish me luck!! I love you all! Thank you for your support!!!


Love, Jones Shimai πŸ™‚

Package from Breanna! Wahhhh.

Sister Missionaries Sister Missionaries

Sister Wihongi Missionaries

Sister MissionariesMissionaries Be Like Chillin'

Sister Missionaries Sister Missionaries

At the orthodontist! Huge Flower

MissionarySister Missionaries

MissionaryProvo Temple

Alexi at Provo TempleΒ Alexi at Provo Temple

Sister Missionaries The Elders

Missionaries at Provo Temple Ninja Missionaries

Sister MissionariesSister Missionaries Skype with investigator in Japan

Sister Missionaries Tulips at Provo Temple

The Trio Β Drawing

Sister Wihongi at the orthodontistElder

Sister Missionaries at Provo TempleSister Missionaries

AmenSister Lofthouse

Green Unibrow Sister Missionaries

Sister Missionaries Β My Hair!

MissionariesSister Missionaries Be Learnin' Japanese

Learning Japanese

April Fool’s ;)

Alexi at the MTC
Alexi at the MTC

みγͺさん こにけわ

Hello Everyone!
This week was fun haha!
Friday was April Fool’s Day and we decided to “prank” our teacher by putting a picture of his face as our lock screen on our iPads then having them on our faces after he’s done saying the prayer. Anyway, we did that and we scared him so bad! It was sooo funny though! In his prayer he had said all these nice things about us then after that he said “I take back all the blessings hahahaha” it was soo funny! It probably doesn’t sound quite as funny over email but it really was hilarious!
One other thing, we took a picture of our other teacher praying like the girl in the pamphlet then used it in our fake investigator lesson with our teacher we did the picture thing to. He’s not supposed to break character but when we showed him that picture as an example he started to laugh! It was sooo funny! Then I asked him Daijobu desu ka? which means are you ok? then he just kept laughing and said Hai which means yes! hahaa! it was really funny!
Yikes Cafeteria at the MTC
But our teacher played an April Fool’s joke on us too! He told us that there was another 2 hour session of conference Sunday night specifically for the missionaries from 6-8 and we believed him!!!!!! haha! But there wasn’t really one.
Cafeteria at the MTC Sister Missionaries
Watching General Conference in the MTC was actually really cool. There were so many people! But we did get really tired of sitting in those chairs for so many hours! haha! I really liked all of the talks in conference but one theme I got for myself was to love everyone and you are never alone πŸ™‚
Sister Missionaries Missionary
We also had a Sunday night devotional after conference and BYU vocal point came and sang to us!Β They’re really good! It was really funny because when they walked on stage I heard one of the girls behind me go ooohhhhhhh then her companion was like stop it, we are missionaries. It was really funny to hear their conversations haha!
Anyway, I had a really good week and I only have one more p-day left after this one in the MTC!! AHHHH!!!! I don’t know if I’m ready!!! I’m really happy to be here and I love being a sister training leader! All the new Shimai tachi that came in are so sweet and I love working with them. I’m grateful that I was able to watch conference and get some really good messages out of it πŸ™‚ Remember that you are never alone and you can do this! Whatever it is you’re going through, you can do it πŸ™‚
みγͺさん あいしています
I love you all!!!!
Love, Jones Shimai