I am becoming Japanese ha!

Hello everyone!!!!!!! I love you all!!!!! This week was great!!!

JumpingWe are having a piano party this week with the ward! We are going to all wear pajamas and watch meet the Mormons and eat treats! We are so excited haha

We planted rice this week! There’s an old couple in our ward that has a rice field so we went out and planted rice. I got so muddy because I fell but it was fun! Haha

We found 3 new investigators this week so that’s cool!! We are so excited to teach them!

We also did badminton again and lots of people came so that was good! Then we did a YW (young women’s) activity! We made food and practiced a dance for their camp thing they’re going to! Hahaha!

NoteThe elders left us a note on our door one night and gave us some food so that was really nice of them! We also got dressed up in kimonos by a funny old grandma! That was fun but wow kimonos gave tons of layers!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was really great. Sorry the email is kind of all over the place this week but those are the big highlights! Im loving Japan and all the people are amazing! I can’t believe I’m done with one transfer already! That went fast! Anyway thank you everyone!!!!


Jones Shimai 🙂

Sister Missionaries Planting Rice
Food?Sister Missionaries
Badminton Missionaries Planting Rice
image1(3)  Sister Missionaries Planting Rice

You can just call me Betty Crocker… Haha!

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Face PaintingFirst off… We made about 400 cupcakes this week. Hahahha!!!!!!!! We gave cupcakes to a bunch of people in the branch. Haha! I think we ate cookie dough for dinner way too many times this week. Hahaha!! Soooo now this week……

Monday – my cards came! We get cards on our mission with our names and address that we can hand out to people when we leave areas! Also I felt my first earthquake tonight. We were planning and all the sudden we were shaking. I was terrified but it was only for a few minutes and it wasn’t huge but Wow. Ha!

Tuesday – We made 100 cupcakes for Hirabayashi Shimai. Tomorrow morning we are going to go to the Hirabayashi house and put a bunch of cupcakes on her car that spell out we love you and leave her a note. We ate more ice cream ? haha! Tonight we went to visit Derma San and nami chan. On the way we met a bunch of girls who thought we were way cool because we are American and wanted to take pictures with us. We set up a dinner appt with them next week! Yay!

Sister MissionariesWednesday – We went and visited our Peruvian investigator. We taught her the first lesson with one of our Spanish speaking elders translating over the phone. It went well! Then we went and heart attacked some of our members and left them cupcakes!

Thursday – we went with Ooshima Shimai, a less active, and Sugiura shimai to baskin Robbins for ice cream! They call it 31 here, interesting fact. Haha later we taught a 30/30 with piano, English and a lesson to Aruga megumi and her daughter nozomi. After that we went to play soft volleyball with Ooshima Shimai and her friends.

Friday – We went to visit the Yoko family to give the mom cupcakes for her birthday yesterday. Also her dad is playing in a live thing tomorrow! He plays the guitar and has an awesome band! Then we went to badminton and had an FHE! We did a makeup lesson! People did half of our faces nice and the other half weird! Then we had a lesson and ate ice cream.

Anyway this week was really eventful and we love making cupcakes! I’ve been craving American food a lot this week….. Hahaha!!! Also, if any of you guys know good songs to help teach kids English.. We would love to hear them! You are all amazing! Japan is great and I’m grateful for all the support 🙂


Jones Shimai 🙂

image3(4) Food

Sister Missionaries New Name Cards

Missionaries ?

Kids Holy Cupcakes

Cupcake Fairies Missionaries

Face Masks? Chocolate

Scenery Scenery

bg Children

Ice Cream Writing on the wall

Missionaries Face Painting

Rain….. Onboshiras…. Ice cream…. Haha


Raaaiiiinnnnn… Gotta love it!

Monday – after skyping our families we went and stuffed our faces with donuts at mister donut haha! Later that night we visited a recent
convert and on the way home it was raining. Really hard. We were soaked when we got home. So soaked.

Tuesday – wow what a day!! First off we left the house and we didn’t take rain boots because it was sunny. We rode up hills hills and more hills to get to our investigators house. Haha! When we got there she played the harmonica for us! It was awesome.

Then we went to some ward members and they fed us noodles with squid so I ate squid today. Cool huh? Haha! Then we went to another investigators house and rode home. Guess what. It was raining again. Like POURING RAIN. WE WERE SO SOAKED WHEN WE GOT HOME. HAHAH.

FestivalThen when we were going to bed we were talking and we were both so tired and all the sudden stone shimai says “ya that would be weird for eggs and babies”….. What. Hahahha then she goes oh! I don’t know I was falling asleep haha!

Thursday – we found the salon that the Grandma from the train told us about. She wants to put kimonos on us and do our hair/makeup for free! We ate at an all egg place for lunch! Then later that night we visited one of our recent converts. She has this massage chair and had us both use it! Hahaha!! Then we taught her about the atonement and stone shimai are an onion as an object lesson. It went good and she
really liked the lesson.

Friday – today was great! We had a Kokan! I stayed in Matsumoto with Shaw Shimai! We ate black thunder ice cream! Yummmm. We also ate at baskin Robbins. Yum.

Saturday – We went to the onbashira with Koike Shimai. It was so fun! People loved us because we are American. They kept asking us if we were movie stars (they think stone shimai looks like Cameron Diaz and I look like Sophie Madison??? I don’t know who that is but ya haha) they took like a thousand pictures of us! So now we are in a bunch of
random peoples pictures. Hahaha.

Sister MissionariesSunday – today we had stake conference then we had a 30/30 lesson with one of our investigators and her daughter. The mom gave us lots of cakes, they were yum haha. During our 30/30 I prayed wrong. I said the moms last name then first name then got confused and said the
daughters name then the moms name. I’ve also told people I have
children and that I’m 91 in Japanese so that’s cool Hahahahhaa

Anyway, I love you all!!! Thank you for all the support 🙂


Jones Shimai

image1(4) image1(3)

image3 image3(5)

Rain image1(5)
Ice Cream Festival

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Food, food and more food…

McDonalds in Japan
Me at McDonalds

So this week went really fast!! Wow. Also, the members love to feed us
food! Hahaha hence the title of my email. But it’s great!!! Soooo some
things that happened this week….

Tuesday – so first I slept in a crib this morning because stone shimai
had to skype with the elders at 5 in the morning at the church. Haha.
She’s a sister training leader and she needed to Skype with the zone
leaders about a meeting. There’s a little crib at the church so I
slept in it while they skyped. Haha! Then later that night we were fed
like 3 meals by the Hirabayashi family AFTER we had already eaten endo
curry (Indian curry). I thought I was going to die. And you’re
supposed to eat all your food here or else it’s rude. SOOO earlier we
had eaten endo curry with 2 pieces of nan each. And the nan was big!

My bike!
My bike!

Then we went to visit one of the less active families and they
basically told us to never visit them again. Haha ok. She pulled us
into a corner and whispered about how we can’t come back. It was
actually pretty entertaining. Haha! Then we went to the Hirabayashi
family and they fed us curry with udon noodles and some chamomile tea
and juice. We were really full but we finished everything. Then they
brought out vegetables so we ate those THEN they refilled our bowls
with udon noodles and a bunch of fish stuff. I thought I would die.
Haha. Then!! They brought out big bowls of ice cream. I have never not
wanted to each chocolate ice cream before but tonight…. Wow!

Wednesday – We had a pancake breakfast with the Suwa branch! Quite a
few people came! It was a success! Then we went to visit Maruyama
Kyodai because it was his birthday yesterday, he’s 84! Then we went to
the omboshira!! It was so fun! It’s basically like a big Japanese fair
and everyone wears happis from where they’re from.

Us in our branch presidents happis!

Thursday – Today we visited a girl who is going to be hospitalized for
3 weeks so they can remove her brain tumor. She is amazing. She’s
really nervous but she’s trying to be happy. We are going to visit her
when she’s back home from the hospital because the hospital isn’t in
our area so we can’t go there. We also visited some people with
sugiura Shimai. She is amazing. She has 4 super cute kids and she’s
just so nice! After visiting people she gave us some treats!!! Then we
went and visited a Philipino family. They’re the best haha! They are
crazy and love food! I like visiting them because they’re a lot more
chill. Haha! Oh I also ate nato today. It was interesting.

Sunday – 5 of our investigators came to church! It was Mother’s Day
and the primary children sang a cute Mother’s Day song. Then we had to
teach the lesson in Sunday school even though nobody told us about
that until right before Sunday school. Hahah! So fun….. But it was a
great lesson. Then after church we had a shiyokujikai which is a
potluck. Hahaha maybe that’s why 5 of our investigators came ? I mean
free food is great. Haha! No but they seemed to like church so that
was cool!

So those were some big things that happened this week! Haha oh we also
write our mission president in Japanese every week. That’s
interesting. I’m sure mine sound funny! Haha and table heaters are
AMAZING. When we go to people’s houses and Its cold we use table
heaters. I also went to McDonalds haha! They’re so much cleaner here!
Hahaha and they have some different food. I ate Shaka Shaka chicken.
They have a lake here that is beautiful! It’s called Suwa lake.

Sorry this email is kind of all over the place but you are all amazing
and I love you all!!!!!

Thank you for everything! Life is great ?



Jones 姉妹 ❤️

Wetried to take jumping pictures by the lake haha!

We tried to take jumping pictures by the lake haha! We tried to take jumping pictures by the lake haha!

Sister Missionaries in Suwa, Japan. Missionaries and branch members in Suwa, Japan.

Missionaries in Suwa, Japan. Sister Stone

Suwa, Japan View from our balcony.

Lake SuwaThe crib I slept in.

Missionaries in Suwa, Japan Skype call home.

Nato!Japanese Kitchen


Stone shimai!!!!! HahhaaJapanese bathroom

This is where we study! Big mouths

Our entry way. Toilet with heated seat (and bidet)


Never a Boring Day haha!

Wow this week was crazy! It went so fast and I can’t believe it’s already p-day again!!!! So I’m going to give you some highlights from
each day! Here we go…. 🙂

Our crazy hair after riding in the rain. Hahahaha
Our crazy hair after riding in the rain. Hahahaha

Our crazy hair after riding in the rain. HahahahaMonday, after p-day ended – we got a new investigator!! She is so cute! Her name is Haruka San! Stone shimai and her last companion met
her on a train a few weeks ago and she texted us to go eat dinner with her Monday night. We met at a ramen shop to eat and just asked her lots of get to know you questions and told her about us. The food at the ramen shop was really good by the way. She was so happy and wants to meet with us again next week for a 30/30!


Missionaries on the subway in Nagano Japan
We had to sit on the floor because the train was so crowded haha!

Tuesday- I ran into a bush. Haha. It hurt a little bit and it was kind of embarrassing because it was in front of lots of cars but that’s ok haha!


Wednesday– today we met a cute old lady on a train. She asked where we were from then told us she was a beautician and wanted to dress us in kimonos haha! Then when she got off the train she waved at us for like 5 mins. She was so cute! Then when we got to the apartment we were staying in (with 7 girls) I saw that it was hart shimais (one of my MTC teachers who is now cox shimai haha) old apartment!


We like our futons haha
We like our futons haha

Thursday – today was mission conference. It was good! On the train ride back to Suwa we had to sit on the ground because there were no
more seats haha! It was also raining when we got back to Suwa so we had to bike home In the rain. That was an experience haha!


Friday – today was so good! We taught Juana San, a Peruvian investigator, I told her about my dad going on a mission to Peru. She thought that was cool and also that Peru is dangerous haha! She made us good food! There was so much. Then we played badminton. It was so fun! Then we all went out to eat dinner after!

Sister Missionaries eating Peruvian food in Suwa, Japan
Peruvian food! Don’t mind me… I just have food in my mouth. Haha

We teach English to people so can you think of some common things people say in English? Like awkward and how are you haha or even some funny ones like see you later alligator Also I’m starting to get a watch tanline… HahahaWe like our futons haha

Missionaries on the subway in Suwa, Japan
The subway was SOOO crowded!!!!!

Saturday – today we got a referral from one of our investigators and we taught some English lessons!

Sunday – Today we got a fruit basket because it’s fast Sunday! Yuuuummmmmmm

So those were some things from this week!!! I love you all! Thank you for the support!! 🙂


Sister Missionaries in Suwa, JapanSister missionaries eating Peruvian food in Suwa, Japan.

Sister Missionaries in Suwa, JapanSisters Stone and Jones

Jones Shimai Name TagAll the girls that went and played badminton!

Suwa, JapanSuwa, Japan

Streets are soooo clean!! Sorry the pictures kind of crooked. Haha

Suwa, JapanSuwa, Japan