Liljenquist Shimai!

image1(1)Minasan Konnichiwa! πŸ™‚

Wow this week was crazy. It feels like I just barely had pday and it also feels like I haven’t had pday in 100 years. Haha!

Anyway, this week we had transfers!!!!! Stone Shimai left this area and went over to Seto, which is closer to the big city Nagoya, and now I’m still here in Suwa with a new companion…… LILJENQUIST SHIMAI! She’s so awesome!!! She’s from Draper, UT and she went to BYU (of course, like everyone else in this mission haha!) for a year before her mission! She was a cheerleader at BYU and she’s crazy awesome!!! She has so much energy and she’s so sassy and I love her! We literally laugh all day. I think the ward thinks we are insane. But really it’s only been a week and we are having so much fun!

Cutest kids in the worldSoooo I’m kinda running low on time but this week we went to a wedding reception!!!!!! Our old branch presidents daughter got married! We had to do a little Hawaiian dance in it and play the piano/sing. It was so much fun!!

Our hilarious Hawaiian dance that we sort of messed up haha

We also went to visit Asako Shimai today because it’s her BIRTHDAY!!! She loves it when we visit her! She’s doing really awesome and she comes to church every week! πŸ™‚ I love her so much!

This week really helped me realize how important this gospel is. I just don’t know where I would be without it. I know that God loves us and he just wants us to be happy. He wants to bless us but sometimes we put up an umbrella. All we have to do is shut the umbrella and then God can pour his blessings out on us. If you haven’t watched A Shower of Heavenly Blessings Mormon Message, you definitely should when you get some free time πŸ™‚

I love you all and I’m so grateful for all of your support!

Love, Jones Shimai

Derma Shimai loves filters3
Derma Shimai loves filters haha!!!


Derma Shimai loves filters2 Derma Shimai loves filters1

a cute yw in our ward Yoko ChanGuess who caught the bouquet

Indo Curry is so good
Indo Curry is so good

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Transfers are crazy!


This week was awesome!! Well, every week is awesome haha. Last Monday we watched fireworks with a less active member. We went to her house and ate dinner then watched the fireworks. They are the biggest fireworks in all of Japan! There were so many people but it was so much fun!

image1(3)On Saturday we volunteered at a Hawaiian Party! One of our investigators, Shion, was having a Hawaiian party at her store with a photo booth, popcorn, candy lei making station, lots of other little treats and booths, music, and Hawaiian dancing haha! We helped her make the photo booth stuff then after the kids made their candy leis we would take their pictures. The kids are SOOO cute and we handed out lots of Kodomo Eikaiwa (kid English class) flyers πŸ™‚ oh ya I can’t remember if I said this or not but we teach Kodomo Eikiawa on Sunday’s. It’s so much fun.

image2(3)We also had transfer calls Saturday morning. They are pretty much the worst thing ever just because they send out a text that says transfer calls have begun may the odds be ever in your favor then you just have to wait. You don’t know if they’re going to call you or not. You just wait. Then you either get a call or wait until the text that says transfer calls have ended. And from the time transfer calls start to the time they end is usually like an hour. Haha soooo we waited and ended up getting a call. My current companion, stone shimai, is going to open an area with one of her past companions and I’m staying in Suwa but getting a new companion! Her name is Liljenquist Shimai and she was actually stone shimai’s MTC companion! So we are sad that it’s changing but we are also really excited for our new adventures! πŸ™‚

The most diverse group of Shimai. Half Taiwanese, redhead, Japanese, half Guam/half Filipino Hahah!!!

We had a lesson with one of our investigators, Yuka, this week and she said that she will get baptized on October 2nd! We are so excited! She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! She is half Filipino and half Japanese and she is so happy! She loves everyone and has so much energy. She loves hearing our lessons. She does 30/30 lessons and it originally started because she loves English but now she’s really liking the lesson parts!

All the missionaries and Horiuchi shimai! πŸ™‚

Then out of the blue a random number calls us. We answer and she says she’s moving to Suwa from Tokyo, she’s heard all of the lessons and she wants to get baptized! So that’s an awesome little miracle. I love being here in Japan on a mission. You see so many miracles and it’s amazing to see people’s lives change because of the gospel.

I love you all and hope you have a great week πŸ™‚


Jones Shimai


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No time

Alexi didn’t have time for a letter this week. But she sent a few pictures of a district activity.

District activity District activity

We went to an AWESOME drum festival with an investigator!!
We went to an AWESOME drum festival with an investigator!!


You are important

Hiiiiii everyone!!!!!!

Kokans with the shimai from my MTC zone
Kokans with the shimai from my MTC zone

This week was good! We had two kokans (companion exchanges). The first one was because stone shimai had a sister training meeting in Nagoya. I’m not a huge fan of the train to Nagoya. It’s really long and bumpy so I always get kind of sick on it. But it’s always ok! Haha! Anyway, we went to her meeting and I ended up going with one of the sisters that was in my same zone in the MTC! So we are both transfer 3 and know the same amount of Japanese but it was so much fun!! We found 3 houses by ourselves. The first 2 people weren’t home but the third one was. We don’t understand everything she said but she basically told us she’s really busy right now and can’t talk. We were really happy that we found their houses though! Addresses are really hard to find in Japan because they don’t have street names! It’s really confusing and sometimes I wish I could ask Siri how to get somewhere haha. But we always end up finding it whether it takes 10 mins or 2 hours haha!

Our new investigator, MamiWe also found a new investigator this week! Her name is Mami and she’s just about to graduate high school! She loves english so we are going to start doing 30/30 lessons with her!

The second Kokan I went on this week was with a new sister. Her name is Sablan shimai and she’s transfer one. She came to Suwa with me so I ended up being the senior companion for a day. Yikes! Haha! It was a lot of fun though! We went and visited Nami chan. She’s one of our recent converts daughters! She got baptized a few years ago but since then has stopped coming. She’s really cute and loves makeup and dancing! We let her do our makeup, it was kind of crazy but she had a lot of fun! Then Sablan shimai taught her a hula dance! Sablan shimai is half Filipino and half Pacific Islander and she is really good at hula dancing!! Nami Chan loved it and she’s really good at it! I’m not very good at it but it was still fun!! Haha!!

The pizza we made. It was kind of weird but we tried haha!
The pizza we made. It was kind of weird but we tried haha!

We also made pizza with our investigator, Aya! We made some regular pizzas and dessert pizzas then we just talked to her about why there are so many Christian churches and about her life. She has had a really hard life but her eyes are really being opened a lot because of the gospel. She also loves family history stuff! We showed her our family trees and she thought that was awesome so we are going to try and teach her how to do that. Haha!

Yuka is one of our new investigators. We had an awesome lesson with her. We taught her English then we taught her about Heavenly Father and prayer. She was really nervous to pray but she was also super excited. She ended up saying the closing prayer. The spirit was so strong and afterwards she said that she felt really good. πŸ™‚

District picture!
District picture!

Sunday night we went over to the kinas for dinner. They are a family in our ward. They had their kids over and their grandkids and us! It was a huge dinner but so much fun. Kina shimai made amazing food! While we were eating, one of the grandkids named ken Kun came over to me and started talking about Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is huge here but apparently the churches are refill points? I actually don’t really know that’s just what another elder told me. Haha that’s cool if they are though because then we could talk to lots of people! Anyway while he was talking to me about Pokemon go he was showing me his Pokemon cards then he said here you can have these ones. I’m not really into the cutesie pokemons. Haha!!! So now I have 4 cutesie Pokemon cards.

My new cute Pokemon cards hahaha!
My new cute Pokemon cards hahaha!

My week was lots of fun and I hope you all had a great week! Thank you for all the love and support. I love you all! You are all children of God and he loves you unconditionally. This morning I was reading the talk from October 2015 conference called Discovering the Divinity Within by Rosemary M. Wixom and I really liked this quote from it….. “Because you are His child, He knows who you can become. He knows your fears and your dreams. He relishes your potential. He waits for you to come to Him in prayer. Because you are His child, you not only need Him, but He also needs you. Those sitting around you right now in this meeting need you. The world needs you, and your divine nature allows you to be His trusted disciple to all His children. Once we begin to see the divinity in ourselves, we can see it in others.” You are all SOOO loved and you matter SOO much. Everyone is important. Always remember that πŸ™‚

Love, Jones Shimai

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Miracles :)

Heeeyyyy Everyone!!!!!


Rainy season is NOT over. We thought it was. It’s not. You can go outside when it’s sunny and feels like 100 degrees then by 3 o’clock it’s pouring rain and you are soaked. Haha but it’s all good.

So this week we went to visit some less actives with one of our favorite members ever, Sugiura Shimai! While we were driving around in the car we were talking about our favorite flowers, not sure why haha, but apparently Sugiura shimai thinks stone shimai is a daisy and I’m a sunflower. Anyway when we got to the person’s house that we were visiting, she walked outside and told us that she isn’t praying or going to church and she’s not going to start. We just said ok haha then she said that she used to be really close with missionaries and that she teaches the piano then stone shimai told her that I played the piano so she said ok come inside and play some piano for me haha. So we went inside and ended up staying at her house for about an hour playing the piano and talking. She told us we could come back anytime to play the piano but not really talk about church stuff. Haha she’s an interesting lady but it was a huge miracle that we were able to go inside her house and talk to her!

image1(1)We are also planning a Hawaiian activity with Shion, one of our investigators. She is the one that owns an alpaca store and speaks fluent English! She wants us to help her with the photo booth and make decorations so we are going to be helping her with that! She also talked to us more about her arranged marriage. She is part of a non denominational Christian church and in her church they have arranged marriages. She told us that she’s been married to her husband for 11 years and she met him two days before the wedding. She’s not a huge fan of her husband and told us that after 10 years you get to be ok with them…… Yikes. Haha. But she’s really awesome!

After visiting Shion we went to visit an older grandma lady that we had met on the street named Uehara San. She loves us!! We went to just say hi and she gave us like 3 bags of vegetables from her garden haha! That was an awesome miracle because we were needing more vegetables. Haha. Then We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would try to read it. Our mission president wants us to have a new goal of handing out a lot of Book of Mormons.

image1(3)I also had an interview this week in Japanese and I understood everything! That was a REALLY BIG miracle Haha! We all had to have little interviews with the Branch President for the Sapporo temple dedication ticket. Then after my interview Sugiura Kaicho, the branch president, gave me chocolate chip melon pan! I LOVE CHOCOLATE CHIP MELON PAN!!!

On Thursday we had a 30/30 lesson with a new investigator!! She is awesome!! We told her about our families in English and she practiced telling us about hers then we talked to her about prayer and trials and she told us that she believes we are all given trials for a reason and that there’s always a way to get through them and that’s why she stays so positive. She is awesome. She is studying to be a hair stylist and makeup artist and she says that she wants to do our makeup so that’s cool haha!


This week we had a question that we couldn’t figure out so stone shimai said let’s say a prayer and look in the Book of Mormon and of course my first thought was okkkk that’s kinda silly but whatever you want to do haha! But then we did pray and searched the Book of Mormon and we really did find an answer. It was kind of crazy! Then as we kept searching more and more answers kept coming but none of them actually specifically mentioned what our problem was but they still applied to our problem! That was an awesome miracle πŸ™‚

image2Our mission president has also asked us to focus on the youth so we spent a lot of our pday hanging out with Nagi chan and Yoko chan! They are two yw in our ward. We all went to the new mall that opened up in Okaya! Everyone thinks it’s huge but it’s actually pretty little compared to malls in other places. Haha it’s just because our area is such a country area so everyone is freaking out about a new mall! We looked at all the stores and bought a HUGE parfait to share!

We also had a summer festival! We had lots of food, games and water balloons! It was SOO much fun! Everyone thought the missionaries were crazy haha!!! We were all throwing water balloons at each other and all the little kids were going crazy. The adults just kept looking at us like we were insane. Then afterwards they all asked us if normal Americans act like us and throw water balloons at each other haha.

Those are a lot of the miracles that happened this week! It was a crazy fun week!! Thank you for all the support and love! I miss you all and love you all!! Always remember you are all loved and important πŸ™‚



Jones Shimai

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