Oh no the keys!

unnamedHi everyone!!
Sorry i don’t have a lot of time again but this week was good! But kind of crazy! So here are some stories haha!! 🙂

On Saturday morning We went on a run and while we were coming home I went to grab the keys out of my pocket and they fell into a hole in the gutter. The gutter can’t be moved. It’s really heavy and the metal part is bolted in. So we couldn’t get our keys out so we couldn’t go into our house. we jumped on our bikes and rode over to the elders apartment because we didn’t have our phone! We got over there and used their phone to call and ask our branch president if he had an extra key. He said he didn’t and laughed at us because he thought we were hilarious. Haha he just didn’t know what to do! Then after calling him the elders had an idea. They unbent a metal hanger which actually made it really long and we all went over to our apartment where we had dropped the keys. We used a flashlight and tried to find them and stick the hanger in to grab them but we couldn’t see them. They must have fallen in the middle of one of those big cement blocks so we couldn’t see it from the side. So then the 4 crazy white people were just kneeling by this gutter staring into the gutter. Everyone probably thought we were insane. Haha then a lady walked past and asked us what we were doing. We told her what had happened and she wanted to help. She said lets ask the man in this house right here, maybe he will know something about the landlord. So we went and knocked on the door, the 4 americans and a japanese lady, and this little old man came and answered. She explained to him our situation and he said the landlord lived in Matsumoto but he was going to go try and find a locksmith number. So while he was looking we kept trying to get the keys out without any success. Then the lady was like just a minute I’ll be back so then she ran off.

We kept looking for the keys and sticking the hanger in the gutter hoping something would move then another man walked past and said what are you guys doing. We explained the situation to him and he said ok just a minute and ran off. We were all like okkkk wellllll…….. then the lady came back with her husband and the other man drove up in his van which had a bunch of metal tools! Then he and the husband pried the cement block off. Then the old man in the house called us in because he got the locksmith on the phone. So we went inside and explained to him what had happened. While this was all happening the elders had also called the main people in the mission office which had said they were going to try and figure out how we can get a new key. Then while we were talking on the phone to the locksmith the man who had brought the tools ran inside and said we found them! Then we basically said never mind to the locksmith and went outside.

they had found them!! The woman’s husband had crawled down into the gutter after they had pried off the cement, and using a flashlight found our keys! Then we thanked all the people that had helped us and ran inside to get ready. That had taken two hours to get the keys out and now we had 5 mins to get ready and rush to the train station. It was a crazy adventure! Then we called the people in the mission office back to tell them we had gotten the keys. They just laughed at us when we told them the whole story because of what had happened and how many people we needed to help us. Haha people here are so nice and i’m so grateful for all of them.

Then that night we had a lesson with akahane san. It went really well. We helped her with all of her english then we only had about 10 mins for a lesson. So we just said a little prayer and after the prayer she started crying because she had felt the spirit so much. she said that she was really happy because of meeting with us.

One of our other investigators, chiho san, has also really been progressing! She met with us Sunday night and asked lots of questions! She wanted to know how we were led to her, why, how we knew the gospel was true, why we were here in japan, what we always do, why we have the rules we have, about families, and about why she has felt so happy since meeting with us. We answered her questions and explained the spirit to her. She was a little confused but she said that she would pray this week. She is really awesome and God has really prepared her. I’m so excited to see where she is going to go 🙂

I’m out of time but this is my last p-day before transfer calls! We will get transfer calls on saturday morning and i will know if i am leaving or staying here in suwa!! AHHH!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!! I know this gospel is true and i love teaching the people in japan 🙂

Jones shimai

Week of miracles

This week was sooo amazing. We had so many miracles happen!!!!!!!!! I’m really sorry because this email is going to be all over the place.

I don’t have very much time but We had so many miracles. For our faith filled action (our district is doing faith filled action goals which is where we pick a goal we want to accomplish with our companions during companionship study that will exercise our faith and do it) we wanted to find a new young investigator with interest and hand out two book of mormons. So we went about our day. At 3 o’clock we went on a walk with Toshiko San! She’s the sweet old lady that we met last week. We met her by the undo coen (which is like a rec center) and walked around. We told her about why we were here and she really likes us. She gave us a bunch of origami things she had made for us! So then we tried to give her a book of mormon but she didnt want it. But after going on the walk and talking about why we were in japan, her life, origami and various other things we tried to give her a book of mormon again and she took it! That was awesome and we handed out one book of mormon.

Then afterwards we rushed to the church for Chieka’s lesson. Chieka is a cute half Philipino girl that we met a few weeks ago! we got to the church and met chieka and her friend rika. We had a REALLY GOOD lesson with them. They have a lot of interest! For the english part we just did introductions then for the message part we showed earthly father, heavenly father and talked about god. It went really good and they said that they would pray two times before meeting together next time! It was soo good! After that we went to dermas and on the way we talked to a lady and gave her a book of mormon. After dermas we came home and we had met our faith filled action! We had handed out two book of mormons and found TWO new investigators.

That was friday then the next day we had a lesson with megumi san. It went really good then we had to be at the ekki at 5:23 for a train so Megumi san offered to give us a ride to the eki. That was really nice of her. Then we rode the train to okaya to meet chiho for the first time! On the train we talked to 3 cute girls who are in high school right now. They go to the high school by the undo coen in Chino. They were so nice and we just talked the whole way to okaya. We got one of their phone numbers and we are all going to go out and eat at 31!

Then we got to okaya and met another cute girl. We asked her where lake walk is and she was so nice, she got off her bike and said she would show us where it is! So then she walked us all the way to lake walk which is about a 20 minute walk! She was so nice!! We also got her phone number and she wants to meet again to practice english.

Then we went into lake walk to meet chiho. She met us and we walked over to a Shiyabushiyabu place! It was actually really good. While we were eating, chiho had a lot of questions. She asked us lots of questions about christianity and about prayer and knowing if gods there and things like that. She asked so many questions and we shared lots of different things with her. We talked about the restoration and why there were so many different churches. We also talked about prayer and the book of mormon. We gave her a book of mormon. We also talked about why we decided to become missionaries and how much we love the gospel. But it was just a really awesome lesson.

Then we realized it was 8:45 and we had to make a train by 9:05 so we weren’t going to make it. We hurried out of the restaurant and started to rush to the eki but chiho said lets take a taxi so then we ran to where the taxis were but they were all gone so then we were for sure going to miss our train so went into lake walk because i had to go to the bathroom. When we walked in, i saw Gloria! Yuka’s mom! A former investigator. We talked to her and told her about church tomorrow and how diana is coming and about the shiyokujikai. Which is like a big potluck. We also told her we really miss yuka! She’s awesome and said she will try to come tomorrow and tell yuka. We also met her friend Nery. She was so funny! She is also Filipina ! She noticed our name tags and said she’s also part of a christian church but not ours then chiho was like ahhh she understood because we had just told her about the restoration. But nery was reallly funny. She told us she has lots of friends and will give us a magazine if we give her one of our pamphlets. She was like we can exchange. And she also wants to learn english so we got her number. She’s really nice and said she will try coming to the church stuff tomorrow.

Then when we left chiho was like wow that was crazy. And we were like ya guzen! Which means like coincidence. Then while we were walking home it randomly started to pour and we got soaking wet! But it was so much fun and we kept saying boken! Adventure. Haha. But chiho thought we were crazy. She also thought it’s funny that we say hi to everyone. Haha. Then when we got to the eki we were soaked. Chiho was like are you ok and we were like ya we are good! Haha it was a fun adventure im pretty sure we just gave chiho the most adventurous day of her life. Then we rode the train back to chino.

And while we were waiting for our train megumi san called and wanted to give us a ride home because it was raining! So she waited at the eki for us and she gave us and chiho and ride home which was a crazy awesome miracle! We also told chiho about church and the shiyokujikai tomorrow! I think she will come! Today was sooo good. So many miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I really realized how much i love this work. I love being a missionary and how much i love this gospel. God is really there. He knows us and cares about each one of us. I know that he is real and i know that jesus christ is truly our savior. I have a testimony of the book of mormon and i know through the spirit, people can be changed. I know that god is preparing people like chiho for us. We just need to be faithful and obedient and he will guide them to us. I know miracles are real. I love being in japan and i love these people with all my heart. I’m grateful for japan, missionary work, megumi san, chiho san and al the crazy miracles we have been seeing lately. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!




It’s been a crazy week!!!!!!!! But I don’t have much time! Haha! As usual hahah!

First of all we made tempura which is deep fried vegetables and/or fish. We did a little FHE lesson with a few members. (Hatoko Chan who is 24 and Mai Chan who’s 26?) They taught us how to make tempura then we ate together and shared a little message! That was a lot of fun and now I know how to make really yummy deep fried pumpkin….. It is SOOO good.

unnamed-9Also my birthday was this week and that was a REALLY FUN day!!!!! First of all I woke up and my companion had decorated the house and made a card and somehow sneakily bought me Reese’s and made chocolate chip pancakes! Then the elders brought over a chocolate Costco muffin. SOOO yummy. After the crazy morning we went to lunch with a less active, Koike Shimai. She is amazing. She is fluent in English and always helps us. She took us to lunch then we went and did a mogi which is a role play lesson with a member and ate homemade cookies that were an American recipe. They were soooo good. Then we had an FHE at the church that night. A lot of people brought treats and little gifts to it. We shared the message our true identity and then just talked and played lots of fun little games. One of our investigators friends gave me alcohol because in Japan you can drink alcohol when you’re 20 because you’re officially considered an adult Haha he asked us how old we have to be to drink alcohol in America and we said 21 then he said good thing you’re in Japan and can drink it now! Then we were like haha but we don’t drink alcohol then he just changed the subject so we just took it home to throw away but the next day our mission president came to our apartment and the alcohol was just sitting on the table because we hadn’t thrown it away yet. Haha we told him the story and he thought it was hilarious. So then he just took it to throw away! Haha But really having a birthday in Japan is so much fun! 🙂

unnamed-8So I’m out of time but this week was really great and I love you all! Always remember who you are and that you are loved more than you will ever know. We are all children of God and he knows us all by name 🙂 I hope you all have the best week ever!!

Love, Jones Shimai

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Japan is fun fun fun!

unnamed-3Minasan Konnichiwa!!


This week was really good! We did lots of fun activities with members and investigators. We went mallet golfing with a member and talked to like everyone on the course haha. We also went on a hike with an investigator. We ate Indo Curry (Indian Curry) with a member. We went and watched fireworks with a less active. It was a crazy week!

We found a few new investigators this week which was really awesome. One of them is from Thailand and she is fluent in English! Her name is Mim and she is the cutest person ever! We are going to make Thai food with her in a few weeks! 🙂

We also met chiho on the train! She is Japanese but speaks really good English because she lived in the UK for a year. She wants to meet with us to do 30/30 lessons!

We found this really fun slide and my pants made me go so fast!

unnamed-1Kodama San is an FI (former investigator) that we met with last Wednesday. She loves missionaries and she says she’s excited to hear more about what we are teaching about! She is actually from Hong Kong but moved to Japan after marrying her husband who is Japanese. She believes in God and is basically a golden investigator. She is just so nice and loves meeting with us! I’m super excited for her! 🙂

Last Friday we had our Zone Meeting. We have a brand new zone because every single companionship changed in the zone so we had introductions then they talked to us about family history, unity in a companionship and faith filled actions. It was really good.

It’s starting to get cooler here which is weird. I can’t even imagine it starting to cool off because it’s been so hot but some nights and mornings it’s actually really cold. Haha!

filippino-foodAnyway, I don’t have much time. But there’s just a little tiny update on my week! I’m so grateful to be here serving the people of Japan. They are all so nice and happy and I absolutely love being here in Suwa! This gospel makes me so happy and I love sharing it with people everyday even if they don’t always want to listen! I love you all and I’m so grateful for all of you! 🙂

Jones Shimai

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