Christmas Pizza!


I hope you had the best Christmas!! Christmas is really the best time of the year! I’m so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you all felt his love this Christmas season. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! ?

Skyping with Dad, Nigel, aunt Ellie, and Breanna
Mizuno Shimai’s piano concert
The last Moromun show
Moromun Show sisters
Last Moromun Show outside photo
Another Moromun Show outside photo
Dinner with branch president’s family. With mouse ears!
Merry Christmas!

Ahhhh time is going fast! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it is Christmas next week!! This is soo crazy but soo awesome!! Christmas is the best season so I hope you are all having the best Christmas ever!! 🙂

Anyway, Once again I have no time! What’s new right? Haha!

Yuki Made us cookies! This is the cutie note she wrote.

Ok, we have an awesome new investigator named Yuki Chan!!!!! She is 15 and literally the best! We taught her about Heavenly Father and prayer and she started reading the Book of Mormon! She came to the Christmas party and loved it! We are meeting her again today and we are soo excited!! We are praying lots for her!

I got a new companion, Graviet Shimai! She is so nice! She is half Japanese and her Japanese is soo good! So hopefully mine will improve this transfer. Haha!

My new companion Graviet Shimai and Emily shimai

We had our Branch Christmas party and it was a SUCCESS!! Lots of people came, even a random man that we met in an elevator haha! I was in charge of conducting the whole thing in Japanese! It was kind of stressful but really fun!!! 🙂 I just love these people soo much!!

I am really grateful for this opportunity to be here! I love these people and I love being a missionary. I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for us. I know that he loves us. I hope you all have a great week and…


Kana San, Endou Sensei and Hara Shimai

Our Branch’s little Christmas Tree

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No time. Again. Haha!! Sooo this week was crazy and my companion is transferring!! I am getting a new companion tomorrow! So that will be a new adventure but I am really excited. Here’s a quick over view of this week!!
Monday: we met kana san. We walked out to the elevator right after p-day ended and talked to her in the elevator. she wanted to do 30/30. We tried to set up a time and said how bout now. She said ok. We went up to the church. Did English and talked about God and prayer. She thought it was awesome and she became a new investigator!! Isn’t that awesome??

Last district picture before Sorensen Shimai transfers

Tuesday: We had a lesson with Endou sensei which went really good! She is progressing. Slowly but surely! She has been praying but says she is just taking baby steps. Also I just am so grateful for second chances and a Savior that understands us completely. We are humans and make lots of mistakes but because of Jesus Christ we can have a second chance and a third and a fourth. The atonement is infinite. We just have to turn back to God and Christ. They can heal any wound and even when we are at our lowest of lows I know they can bring us back up. Life is hard sometimes but I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives. I know he is our savior and redeemer and I am forever grateful.

Wednesday: Brazilian food night party. Monica Shimai and Hara Shimai came which is a huge miracle because they are both less active.

Friday: we had our concert at the Hamamatsu eki! We met a girl at the bread shop. We gave her a Christmas card. She stopped us and asked if we were Mormons because she has been to Utah and heard about Mormons. We gave her a Book of Mormon. Moral of story for missionaries: Talk to everyone, don’t be scared because you never know! Haha

Doki Picture – The people i came to Japan with!

Saturday: we had an amazing lesson with Hara Shimai. She is a less active. We made pancakes with her then we talked about Christ and Christmas. It was so good. The spirit was there and she told us she has been missing something in her life. She said that she has been drawn to church recently and that she will come to church on Christmas! Such a miracle!

Sunday: Hara Shimai came to church which was HUGE!!!!!!! It was so amazing and she is going to start trying her best to come from now on!!! She is so amazing!!

Thank you everyone!! I love you all!!! I hope you have the best week ever! And the best Christmas Season! It really is the best time of the year. Also if you haven’t watched the churches new Christmas video, you should watch it when you get a moment because it’s really good! Have a great week!!


SUWA and Singing in Portuguese

I went back to Suwa to visit!

Wow this week was really good! It went so fast! I cannot believe it is already December!! It is now officially the Christmas season and I am soo excited!!!!!

First of all I WENT BACK TO SUWA!!! We had a concert in Suwa on Saturday and it was soo much fun!!!! I love those people so much. I had no idea my heart had room for so many people!! It was really awesome to see past investigators and the members from Suwa!

We also found a new investigator. Her name is Saori San and she is actually the daughter-in-law of a member here in Nakatsugawa. She is awesome. She is really busy with work but we had a really great lesson with her and now she is praying!! Whoo hoo!! Haha!

I found a pomegranate!

Also, HUGE HUGE MIRACLE!! One of the less actives here, her name is Monica and she is Brazilian, came to church on Sunday!! She hasn’t come since about April and it was so amazing. She came and we performed a song during sacrament, in Portuguese. Haha! It was really awesome though. The people loved it and they all loved seeing Monica. She stayed for all of church and she definitely felt the spirit. We are going to have a Brazilian food night activity on Wednesday with her and the Branch! I’m so grateful for this branch and all the love they show. They are so amazing.

Saori san!

I’m out of time but I am so grateful to be here in Japan. I love these people soo much. I can’t even imagine what life was like before I met all of them! They have all changed my life and helped me become better! I really had no idea a heart could have room for so so many people. I am so grateful for the peace this gospel brings and I know that following the commandments ultimately makes us happy. Today during studies I read the scripture Alma 34:41. It says “But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions.” I know that as long as we trust in God and do our best, everything will work out.

Thank you everyone! Love you all!!

Jones Shimai