Savior, Redeemer of my Soul recording

Legit redording studio

No time! Haha!!! Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week!!! So life has been really crazy. We went to a recording studio last week. They chose 16 missionaries to sing Savior, Redeemer of my Soul. (The missionaries that were in that singing group mostly) We went and recorded and they are going to make a video with all of us singing it. They want to send it out to the world through youtube and use it as a good way to dendo people (missionary work) so that’s pretty cool! We went into a legit recording studio and it was so much fun and today we are going to go and film the video part! Isn’t that crazy! It’s going to be really awesome. They are going to be able to send it around the world and lots of people are going to see it. They are hoping that it will be able to help others come unto Christ.

Recording "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" at the studioWe also had a lesson with our investigator, Yuki Chan, this week. She is doing great! She read the whole plan of salvation pamphlet and came prepared with questions. Shes definitely progressing.

I know this gospel is true and I’m so grateful for it. Love you all and hope you have a great week!! πŸ™‚

Ice Cream, Boxing, Cooking?

Hello Everyone!!!

Soooo we got COLD STONE ICE CREAM!!! It was soooo good. We all went to an outlet store as a district for our district activity and we got Cold Stone. It was delicious.

On Friday we had a Boxing Activity with our recent convert, Shun Kyodai, as the teacher! He is a boxer and so we had an activity then did a lesson on service. It was a lot of fun!

New InvestigatorsWe also got two new investigators this week! They are 10 and 9. They are some of the cutest girls! We went to their house and helped them with their English then did a little lesson on families. We are going back on Saturday!

We also made food with our investigator Endou Sensei! We made sloppy joes, coleslaw, french fries and no bake cookies! Haha! Then we did a lesson on the restoration. It went really good!

I hope you all have a great week!! Love you!


Jones Shimai

Prayer is real

The princess with the bun is Graviet Shimai and I am the other one.


This week we have really been working with a less actives wife named Ai Chan! She hasn’t really been open to hearing about gospel stuff so we have been trying to help her in other ways and we finally found what will help her! She loves SERVICE! We showed her a video on Service and talked about serving other people. Then the next day when we went to help her at her work, she told us she really liked the service video we showed so she wanted to do more service. She went and ate with an older lady that she works with so she wouldn’t be lonely! It was really cool!

We also had a lesson with Akiko and her two adorable girls, Sana chan and Nami chan! So cute! We taught English then we taught a little primary lesson about Heavenly Father.

We went out to dinner with Ai Chan, Taguchi Shimai, Shun Kyodai and Masa!

On Saturday we went to find a Former Investigator that we had randomly ran into in a store a few weeks ago. She told us to come visit but didn’t know her address so gave us a description of her apartment. She told us that she lives in the apartment behind Mitsubishi Electric. So we went to find her! We searched for two hours riding all around Nakatsugawa and couldn’t find her! We wanted to give up because it was freezing but decided to keep looking. Right when we thought we were about to die because it was so cold… WE FOUND HER! It was such a huge miracle and the power of prayer is so real! She was home, which was another miracle, and she wants to meet with us again so we are going back on Tuesday!

Sunday we found a less active and set another appt to come back and teach her daughters english and share a message!

It was a good week and I’m grateful for all of you! Thank you for you support!! I love you all!!! I hope you have the best week!


Jones Shimai

Dancing and working out with Ai Chan


Osechi Meal


I hope everyone had a great week!

These past few weeks in Japan have been kind of crazy and all over the place. Since New Year’s is such a big deal over here, everyone kind of checks out for a little bit haha! Everyone is hard to get ahold of and everyone travels so it’s been an interesting week but still really good! πŸ™‚

A cute family we met at the train station invited us to their house.

We ate osechi at an English Student’s house on Tuesday! Osechi is Traditional Japanese Food served at New Year’s. It doesn’t taste that good haha but it was a fun to see what they eat and do!

Sorry this email is so short but thank you everyone! I hope you all had a good week and I’m grateful for all of you!



My companion gave me a haircut! I don’t know how well you can tell.
We went out to Indo Curry with the branch president’s kids because they are going back to america soon!
Imai Shimai
Abe Shimai
Imai Shimai and Jindo Shimai. The sun was killing us.

Happy 2017!

WOW!!! It’s 2017 everyone!!! That’s really weird! I hope you all had a great New Years and spent lots of time with the people you love! πŸ™‚

New Years in Japan is HUGE! It’s like our Christmas and probably even bigger! Everyone goes back to where they are from to be with their families. They have all kinds of food and parties and it’s just crazy!

One of the traditions they have for New Years is to go and see the first sunrise. So we went with Masa (a less active), Ai Chan (his wife) and the Elders to see the very first sunrise of the year and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! While we watched the sunrise I was just thinking about how amazing Heavenly Father is. He created this earth and everything on it for us. He created beautiful sunrises, beautiful sunsets, families and everything for us. He loves us unconditionally and he wants us to be happy. I’m so grateful that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. I know that’s true and I’m so grateful to be out here sharing that with these beautiful people of Japan.

It’s now 2017 and I hope that with this New Year we all make new goals to help us become better people and come closer to Christ. Thank you to everyone! I love you all and I’m grateful for each and every one of you. I hope you all have the best week ever! πŸ™‚ OK, Get ready for a picture overload because we got lots of cool pictures from the sunrise πŸ˜‰

Ai Chan
Ping Pong



Sunrise on New Year’s Day