Already the end of the transfer?

Bates Shimai
Bates Shimai


I hope that everyone had a great week! I cannot believe that it is the end of the transfer already! Tomorrow I become a transfer 12 missionary. The time has gone way too fast. I’m not thinking about it yet though haha!

This week we had Trainer’s Review. Trainer’s Review is a meeting at the end of the transfer that the new missionaries and their trainers all go to. They talk to us about the goods and bads of the past 6 weeks. It was really cool to be able to see everyone again and to get really good training from Ishii Kaichou.

Koseki family!
Koseki family!

We also met with the Koseki family. I LOVE THE KOSEKI’S! We ate dinner together and then talked about the Book of Mormon. They made pastel, Brazilian food, and it was AMAZING. After eating everyone shared their favorite scriptures and bore testimony. It was so cool. The Koseki family has so much faith. I’m so grateful for them and for all the other ward members! They are all so strong and such huge examples!


Wednesday morning we went on another hike with Toshiko san! She has so much energy. She’s almost 70 years old and she goes hiking at least twice every week. We went on a two hour hike and were pretty tired by the end because of how hot it was but Toshiko san was just fine and told us that she wanted to keep going… lol.

Thursday night we had another kid’s English class at Nakata Shimai’s house. We taught some English then we made brownie balls together. The kids loved it! They want to keep on cooking so I guess we are doing and English/cooking class. Haha!

Friday night we went to watch special fireworks with Namiko. People make their own fireworks and then shoot them off while still holding them. It’s a big competition and pretty dangerous but apparently they love it! It was really cool to watch! These fireworks are only in Aichi Prefecture.


Fireworks with Namiko

Saturday night we went to watch regular fireworks with Koyuki Watanabe San. She brought her 4 year old son, he’s the cutest! Every time a set of fireworks ended he smiled really big, clapped and yelled YAY! Haha!

Yesterday we went to visit Nilza Shimai, Brazilian member. We ate dinner together, talked and then watched a video about courage in Portuguese. Nilza Shimai loved it. It was a video about Esther. After the video, I bore my testimony in Portuguese. It was a really awesome experience because it was definitely the gift of tongues. I have been trying to study a little bit of Portuguese lately for all the Brazilian members and as I was bearing my testimony, all the things that I had studied came flooding back. At first I didn’t even realize what I was saying but I definitely felt the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful that the Lord will help us and give us the words we need to say when they’re needed. We need to remember the Lord at all times because we would not be able to do anything without him.

This week Armour Shimai and I are working on being more patient and having more charity. I came across this quote that I really liked.

“There are two types of people in this world. Those you love and those you don’t know yet.”

I know that as we try to see others through Heavenly Father’s eyes, we will be able to be more patient and love them more. We will be able to understand them better and realize that everyone has reasons for doing the things they do. We might not always understand them but if we try to understand and love them more than we will be able to have more happiness and joy. I am so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity to be a missionary! I love it!

I hope everyone has a great week and tries a little harder to love those around them.



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